We take a CSV (Creating Shared Value) approach that attempts
to simultaneously create economic
and social value by solving societal problems.
We aim to help realize a sustainable society through our business.

Ideals / Core Values

An E-Commerce Platform
that Maximizes
the Power of
People Using Our Technology

Contributing to the development of a sustainable E-Commerce market and creating a safe and secure E-Commerce society―this is not just our aspiration, but the reason our company was founded. At the dawn of E-Commerce, there were few hard rules in place. The first step towards realizing our vision was to create a market in which anyone could trade safely and securely. So, we founded TradeSafe and began our third-party website trustworthiness verification business. After that, we established our E-Commerce platform business with Future Shop to support the construction and operation of E-Commerce sites, and Softel to support order and stock management. In these ways we have contributed to the E-Commerce market up to the present day.

Going forward, we will continue working to help maintain the market environment and support the growth of E-Commerce businesses, as we strive toward our own sustainable growth and the realization of a sustainable society.

Business Model and Sustainability

A Business Model that Provides Technologies
Based on
Trust, Safety, and Security,
and a Resilient Business Foundation

Business Model and Sustainability

We are building a unique business model for our E-Commerce platform business that provides E-Commerce businesses with the features and services they need. TradeSafe provides third-party verification, Future Shop provides front-end functions such as site-building and marketing, and Softel provides back-end functions such as multi-shop order and stock management.

In recent years, there has been an accelerating movement towards solving societal problems and building a sustainable society. These include the adoption by the United Nations of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be met by 2030, and the coming into effect of the COP21 "Paris Agreement" international framework for responding to climate change. Businesses are also being asked to actively address these issues. Hereafter, as sustainability becomes increasingly important, we need to actively work to solve societal challenges by incorporating sustainable perspectives into our management. This will also set us on the road to increasing our long-term corporate value. We have set several themes for striving to advance and deepen our business model: "environmentally-friendly business operations," "enhancing organizational capabilities through individual growth," "optimizing work/creating more time through DX," and "appropriate disclosure of information and constructive dialog with stakeholders."

Value creation

Creating an E-Commerce Infrastructure
Supports the Sustainable Development of Society

Value creation

We believe that creating a safe and secure marketplace is crucial to the development of E-Commerce. Our verification service is a member of the World Trustmark and trade Alliance (WTA), which is an international alliance of third-party verification organizations for online stores. Through efforts such as providing consistent evaluation and assurance to E-Commerce businesses, we strive to establish a market environment in which consumers and E-Commerce businesses can participate without worry.
At the same time, our operational support service for E-Commerce sites provides long-term support for a site's growth strategy. It does so through a collaborative support system that works with E-Commerce businesses in a friendly manner by providing services such as a highly customizable site builder and marketing that is optimized to their own business.

Through these initiatives, we are striving to create the social value of building a safe and secure E-Commerce market, and boost the competitive advantages of E-Commerce businesses. We believe that increasing the value of both these activities will lead to creating the new value of an E-Commerce infrastructure that supports the sustainable growth of society.

The Future We Create

Bringing About a Fair
and Open Society
that Empowers Anyone
to Pursue Self-Realization

Value creation Value creation

Freedom from the constraints of time and place, a large commercial sphere, efficient transactions, and many other merits continue to drive the rapid growth of E-Commerce. However, the uptake of E-Commerce in Japan is still low, particularly in comparison to other countries, and there is a lot of room for growth. We expect that this growth will only accelerate. The proliferation and establishment of E-Commerce will greatly expand the sphere of transactions and distribution of existing products. And we believe it will lead to the realization of a fairer society, brimming with new business opportunities. Creating the new value inherent in our ideal E-Commerce infrastructure will bring about economic growth as E-Commerce businesses use it as a place to have the freedom to flourish. Moreover, the various stakeholders in these E-Commerce businesses, including consumers, will enjoy a prosperous and fair society.

Through these efforts, we aim to be a company that contributes to and is trusted by society.

Sustainable Development Goals
to which we can Contribute