To our Shareholders and Investors

Thank you very much for your continued support of our company.

On May 22, 2020, our company was listed on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We have been guided by our corporate mission of providing an E-Commerce platform that maximizes the power of people using our technology since we were established in August 2006. Accordingly, we have delivered various solutions in turn to meet the needs of clients launching and operating E-Commerce businesses. Hereafter, we will continue to develop our business as a company which provides the business infrastructure for E-Commerce businesses.

The B2C E-Commerce market in Japan is expected to continue to see steady growth due to factors such as the diversification of products sold online, increase in market participants, significant reduction in delivery times by logistics companies, the proliferation of smartphones, and the increased volume of information shared through social media. As the E-Commerce market expands, the interests and preferences of consumers are growing more diverse and increasing the diversity of both E-Commerce sites and their operators. This is giving more E-Commerce businesses the chance not just to operate in mall-type arenas, but to open their own E-Commerce sites as well.

In light of this digital shift, our Group's mission is to provide a stable platform specialized to small and medium-sized E-Commerce businesses. It also entails ensuring this platform helps eliminate economic inequality by providing equal access to a broad range of opportunities, and maximizes the power of those using technology. Hereafter, we will strive to help bring about a society in which all people have the opportunity for self-realization and can advance hopefully towards their dreams. We will also devote ourselves to remaining a trustworthy company with a strong purpose for existing.

I invite all of our shareholders and clients to pay attention to our efforts going forward, and ask for your renewed support.