Corporate Mission

Our Company Objective

An E-Commerce Platform that Maximizes the Power of People Using Our Technology

Our mission is to be a commerce platform which uses technology to maximize the power of our users. Our business consists of “supporting the development of growth-oriented small and mid-sized E-Commerce sites in Japan” and “creating a secure environment based on trust”. To these ends, we aim to create an E-Commerce platform that supports the sustainable development of society.

Our Values

Work in a Friendly Manner with E-Commerce Businesses who Consider Trust, Safety, and Security to be Essential and Steadily Accompany Them in Their Growth

These values are unique to our company, setting us apart from other companies, and underpinning a code of conduct that is essential for achieving our mission.

Our firm launched in 2006 with the aim of making the growth of the E-Commerce market sustainable. We grew out of a business that laid the foundation for doing so (Trustmark business). The trust and safety that imbued the spirit of our founding, are nothing less than the unchanging creed we hold to as a company that creates E-Commerce infrastructure.

We also see the growth of E-Commerce businesses as our growth as well.
Out of the numerous E-Commerce sites online, the small to mid-sized E-Commerce sites in Japan that we support, constantly engage their ingenuity to improve their businesses, and employ our Group solutions in pursuit of further growth. We thoughtfully serve each and every E-Commerce business that has these kinds of demanding needs. And the knowledge and know-how that accumulate our joint pursuit of growth, is the source of our Group’s competitiveness in the development of a continually growing E-Commerce platform.
By leveraging the achievements we have built up by working with E-Commerce businesses in a friendly manner to support true business growth, we forge deep, long-term relationships of trust which lead to sustainable growth for our Group.

The Society to Which We Aspire

Bringing About a Fair Society that Empowers Anyone to Pursue Self-Realization

Our vision is to bring about our ideal society in pursuit of our Mission and Values.

E-Commerce describes the free and open marketplace that allows participants to transcend the constraints of time and place to deliver high-quality products throughout the country and around the world. The very freedom of this marketplace means that expanding its boundless latent potential depends on rock-solid trust and security. We have helped to create an E-Commerce infrastructure that substantiates this trust and safe between E-Commerce businesses and consumers, allowing anyone to participate without worry.

At the same time, we incorporate current know-how and ideas cultivated through working in a friendly manner with E-Commerce businesses to empower anyone who uses E-Commerce technology to seize every opportunity to work vigorously toward expanding and growing their own business. With our feet firmly planted on the solid foundation of trust and safety we will strive to dynamically accelerate the growth of E-Commerce businesses by fully amplifying the power of those using this technology. As we maintain this sense of balance, we will provide E-Commerce businesses with software and services that help to bring about a fair society that empowers anyone to pursue self-realization.

Group Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct expresses guiding principles for attitude and conduct that indicate how each person in the organization should think and behave on a daily basis in order to implement our mission, values, and vision.

  • Possess both humanity and a truly customer-oriented focus
  • Independently take action with initiative
  • Be professional and bring originality and effort to your daily work
  • Take new actions today beyond what you did yesterday, and start anew again tomorrow
  • Aim for speedy implementation that links personal ability with teamwork
  • Contribute to the development of a healthy E-Commerce market
  • Sustainably increase corporate value, and help to bring about a fair society