Our Business

As the E-Commerce market
continues to grow and change,
our Group will continue to grow and change flexibly
with our clients.

Each Group company (Future Shop Co., Ltd., Softel Inc., TradeSafe Inc., and Samurai Technology Co., Ltd.) will leverage the know-how it has built up thus far and the technologies it possesses to work together in a friendly manner with our client E-Commerce businesses and support their development. As a result, we will promote client DX, leading to improved lifetime value (LTV).

Future Shop Co., Ltd. builds the website interfaces that serve as the virtual shop floor of E-Commerce sites. Softel Inc. provides the back-end which allows for order processing, stock management, and multi-store management. And TradeSafe Inc. provides third-party verification of the trustworthiness of the sites users operate. In this way, we offer a one-stop solution for E-Commerce businesses.
Our group has a front end system that makes it possible to optimize the UX of independent E-Commerce websites. We also possess a back-end system that can accommodate multiple shops and allow businesses to expand broadly in Japan’s E-Commerce market. By coming together as one and strengthening the synergy between the solutions each company provides, we will continue to support the growth of clients who are serious about E-Commerce. And we will support the development of a safe and trustworthy E-Commerce market which will be the foundation for the sustainable growth of our clients.

Future Shop Co., Ltd.

Provides the “futureshop” SaaS E-Commerce platform centered around its SaaS E-Commerce website builder platform. While not customized, the product technology ensures customizability and extensibility. Plus, our customer success team supports user growth and works together with clients in a friendly manner.

A SaaS E-Commerce platform that includes “commerce creator” (a CMS specialized for E-Commerce [Pat. 6619478]) and provides both a wide array of expressive designs and daily updatability that ensures you won’t miss sales opportunities. It can be adapted to a wide range of genres from apparel and fashion, to food, cosmetics, and interior furnishings. As of March 2024, it is used by 2,881 E-Commerce sites.
To complement the functionality provided by futureshop, this product allows businesses to integrate marketing for brick-and-mortar (in-store) customers and E-Commerce site customers. It is an SaaS service that integrates Internet and real-world sales channels. As of March 2024, it was in use on the E-Commerce sites of 126 brands, and (in the storefronts of) a total of 2,411 brick-and-mortar stores.

Softel Inc.

Provides unified management of various E-Commerce operations via customization which reduces costs and human resources, and generates the management resources necessary for client growth. They also help increase the lifetime value (LTV) of clients by providing them with an original system environment based on numerous customizations unique to the client. The business supports client growth by solving the challenge of E-Commerce operations, which are difficult to achieve with a non-customized ASP. It does so through customization that utilizes the know-how and knowledge we have built up through our long experience working side-by-side with clients.

Tsuhan-Suruzo Shutten-Suruzo Regi-Suruzo Logi-Suruzo
We also provide package software that allows for unified management of order and inventory for multiple E-Commerce stores. This consists of optional plugins to our Tsuhan-Suruzo software, c which build E-Commerce site (Shutten-Suruzo), brick-and-mortar POS (Regi-Suruzo), and logistics management system (Logi-Suruzo) functions. This software is made available through a private cloud architecture that allows exclusive access to the server by the client holding the contract.

TradeSafe Inc.

Provides TradeSafe Trustmark certification which lets consumers determine the safety and reliability of E-Commerce shops at a glance.
This service is only provided to E-Commerce websites that pass our inspection. The inspection is based on standards created by the World Trustmark and trade Alliance (WTA), an international alliance of third-party verification organizations for online stores. We have modified these standards to take into account Japan’s commercial customs. TradeSafe joined the WTA in November 2007, alongside the ADR provider EC Network. We conduct consistent evaluations and verifications to support sustainable development of a robust E-Commerce market trusted by consumers and E-Commerce businesses alike. Our goal is mutual recognition of the Trustmark schemes in each country.
ECnote is an E-Commerce order status notification viewer tool that we developed in-house. It is used by multiple E-Commerce back-office management system providers including our Group company Softel Inc.

Samurai Technology Co., Ltd.

Providing proposals and implement solutions to problems and ways to make operations more efficient leveraging the consulting and systems development prowess we have built up through over 20 years of development experience.
We can plan and design a wide range of solutions aligned to the scale and requirements of each client. This, of course, includes our cloud-based operational support systems, as well as on-premises development for more secure environments, and macro development capable of realizing detailed improvements at low cost.

Fast Connector Series
Fast Connector fC Replicator
We offer the Fast Connector Series of middleware for solving issues related to databases. This database replication enables advanced system integration with high-speed remote backup and multi-site/multi-master systems, and has become the standard software for accessing RDBMS data. It also speeds up data transmission in software through use of our proprietary compression technology (Pat. 3598495).

Solairo, Inc.

Provides "WhatYa", a web-based customer service solution that improves LTV by increasing the repeat rate and creating CV opportunities.
Such services maximize the possibilities of communication by combining AI technology with human sensibilities and create a new and unprecedented purchasing experience.
Create added value for the growth of the E-Commerce businesses through increasing engagement by linking the worldview of their each brand with the end user's own "sense of himself/herself".

Based on the concepts of "Useful" and "Delightful", we provide services that increase LTV by strengthening the relationship between E-Commerce businesses and end users.
By transforming complex customer journeys into intuitive and enjoyable experiences, we create optimal and satisfying shopping experiences and nurture fans of each E-Commerce businesses' own brand.